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B & B 4 properties
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House 4 properties
Villa 3 properties
Entire home 8 properties
Private room 7 properties
Shared room 5 properties
Baltimore 1 properties
Boston 4 properties
New York 5 properties
Philadelphia 4 properties
Washington 5 properties
Arlington 1 properties
Brightwood 4 properties
East Side 2 properties
Glover Park 4 properties
Manhattan 3 properties
Mattapan 4 properties
Wesley Heights 1 properties
Doorman 9 properties
Dryer 19 properties
Essentials 16 properties
Fax 2 properties
Gym 14 properties
Heating 15 properties
Indoor Fireplace 1 properties
Internet 13 properties
Kitchen 20 properties
Non Smoking 1 properties
Pool 17 properties
Projector(s) 4 properties
TV 20 properties
Washer 17 properties
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With Zaindar I can run my business without worries. Clients can browse our site easily and requests are coming every day.
Gina Roscoe
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Very good service at Zaindar
John Windsmore
happy owner
Zaindar has increased our booking requests. Thank you for the amazing work.
Elisabeth True
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Good service. Clients can browse our site easily and requests are coming every day.
Robert Redford
happy owner
Incredible service at Zaindar.

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